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Finest Scottish handmade sausages

The once humble sausage is one of the oldest types of processed food in the world, dating back to the days of the Roman Empire (maybe even earlier). Different countries and even regions within countries are all fiercely proud of their own distinctive sausage style and of course flavourings. Some areas in the UK still refer to sausages as ‘bangers’. This relates back to World War 1 when producers of the product, due to shortages and rationing, had to greatly reduce the meat content of their sausages. In place of the mea’t cereals, water and meat scraps were introduced to maintain the sausage size / shape. During cooking these altered recipe sausages would hiss and pop (bang) and the moniker stuck. To alleviate this situation the cook would ‘prick’ the skin casing prior to cooking.

Nowadays sausages are big business using only prime cuts of meat and very little or no fat. Fat content serves the purpose of enhancing flavour and preventing the meat in the sausage of becoming ‘dry’ during cooking. Ever resourceful, sausage producers have introduced complimentary flavourings such as veg or even fruit in some varieties which counters this. You have no doubt seen through the media that there appears to be no limit to the options available from some sources. Irn Bru flavour, Strawberry & Prosecco flavour, even Buckfast tonic wine flavour.

We have an interesting selection so there should be options to suit all tastes. The title of the sausage in each case is definitive of the ingredient content.

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