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Handmade Scottish beef burgers

In historical terms, burgers, are a relatively new kid on the block in comparison to sausages. The original title of hamburger could mislead if you assumed that it was relating to the meat element used in making the ‘pattie’. The background is roughly along the following lines.

Hamburg in Germany at a time around the middle of the nineteenth century was famed for the quality of its beef cattle. One product made from the meat was a ‘Hamburg steak’ consisting of chopped or minced steak bound with sweated down onion and cooked on the grill top. Immigration took the ‘Hamburg steak’ across the pond to America. The issue thereafter was the inhibitive logistics and cost of transporting the prime beef from Europe to the States. The answer lay in using cheaper local cuts of beef and adding spicing in an effort to enhance the flavour to resemble that from Hamburg. Now of course it is synonymous with US food culture and usually piled high with all manner of additional accompaniments and served in a token gesture of a bun relative to the quantity of fillings.

We produce a range of burgers using prime cuts from across our range of meats. Brighten up your barbecue with a selection of our delicious sausages and burgers. Challenge your guests to see how many flavour combinations they can identify in a blind tasting.

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