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Chieftain Box


As seen on the Hairy Bikers latest tv show.
Our award winning Haggis products available delivered to your door.

With some items from the picture & lots of tasty Haggis products.
This is our classic Chieftain Haggis Selection Box with a fantastic selection of handmade products.

1 X Chieftain Haggis (SERVES 8)

8 Slices of Haggis (This is great for Sunday breakfast, easy to fry)

8 Haggis Balmorals (Free range Chicken fillet stuffed with our classic Haggis with a portion of whisky sauce for glazing)

8 Pork Haggis & Black Pepper Hotdog (Perfectly served in a bun with melted mozzarella and some crispy crumbled Haggis on top)

8 Haggis Olives (Thin cut Bute Beef Topside wrapped round our classic Haggis, perfect for slow cooking)

8 Steak & Haggis Pies (Our slow cooked steak with haggis through in puff pastry shell with tasty gravy)

1 Pack of Haggis Pakora with sauce.

2 Large Pepper Sauce

Cooking instructions and serving ideas for all products.

All item are blast frozen and shipped on over night 24hr delivery in chilled box with APC courier
Shipping at the moment is Tuesday night
With demand processing and shipment may take up to 14 days – we will confirm

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