Steaks n Chops with Complementary Haggis & Black Pudding



A super selection of Top quality Isle of Bute Beef, Bute Lamb & Pork.

All cut and trimmed Vac packed and ready for you to use.

You will be able to pan fry BBQ or grill and slow cook these quality cuts

2 x 8oz Rib Eye Steaks Bute Beef

2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks Bute Beef

2 Lamb Chops

2 x 6-8oz Lamb Steaks New season Bute Lamb pan sear for 2-3 minutes

2 Large Tomahawk Pork Chops (great in the BBQ)

4 Chicken Fillets ( Scottish free range)

4 Ham Loin Steaks

1 450g Haggis & 6 Slice Of Black Pudding


Out of stock


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