Easter Special 1


We have a limited supply of our 28+ dry aged Scottish Wagu Sirloin Steaks, we have decided to bundle two of them along with our great tasting Bute Lamb and Clash Farm Rare breed Saddleback Pork.If you have not tried Wagu style beef then you are in for a treat, along with the best Bute Lamb and certified rear breed Saddleback Pork.Wagu style beef is heavly marbled and cooks up very tender. We have hand selected this beef on request of a customer and have some extra to sell. Our new dry age chiller helps to mature our top quality beef to perfection.

Our Lamb is from R Reid Ardmaleish Farm Isle Of Bute.

Our Rare breed Saddleback is the best pork we have ever used,

Our two Easter Special packs will be shipped out on Wed 17th using our overnight courrier. to be delivered next day Thursday 18th in time for Easter Weekend. Free delivery in the PA20
Each special will consist of Steaks Chops Roasts & Easter Sunday breakfast.

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