Easter 2019 Lamb Special (Frozen)

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A good Lamb selection for Easter 2019.

We have limited amounts of our quality lamb, so we cut pack label with date code and blast freeze ready for shipping in out 48 hour Woolcool insulated boxes with up to a 72 hr chill perfarmance shipped out on our overnight service (every Wed night) your goods will arrive Thursday befor 4pm in tiptop condition. We also offer the selection non frozen on request.

On Bute we have some fantastic Lamb our supplier is situated only a few hundred yards form the coast,with almost all of the farms fields right on the beach these fields get their fair share of Bute’s coastal sea spray which gives the wild grass extra richness which comes out in the taste when eating this wonderfull lamb.  Here we have put together a small select hamper which we think is says it all.

1 Whole Bute Lamb Rump cut from the top end of Leg approx 900g  Great for gourmet Sunday roast.(pan sear and bake finish in hot oven for 30 min.

6 Lamb Chops  approx 100g Each easy grill or fry.

4 Leg of Lamb Steaks (cut from the hind leg) approx 200g Each pan sear cooked for 2-3 min.

2 x 450g Lamb Shoulder diced.

2 x 450g Minced Lamb

4 Mutton Pies

Cooking thermometers,  and oven roasting bags are also included.

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