2018 Bute Lamb Box


This delightful Rack of Lamb box has been put together for the lover of Lamb. We have the best Isle of Bute Lamb for season 2018 and have selected these luxury joints & cuts & 4 Juicy Lamb Burgers free. Bute lamb is second to none for taste as our lambs graze on the lush clover grass that gets a gently wash with the salty Scottish west coast sea breeze’s. This gives our Lamb a very unique taste.

2 Barsnley Saddle chops min weight 650g

1 kg Lamb Shoulder min weight 1 kg

2 Chunky Lamb steaks min weight 400g

500g Diced Neck Fillet

1.2 Kg Top end of Lamb Leg de-boned but with bone tied back in.

4 Chop Rack Of Lamb

4 Lamb Burgers