New Season 2019 Lamb

£60.00 £50.00

This is the finest Isle of Bute Lamb from Plan Farm south Bute.

Brian and Janet Hill of Plan Farm have Hampshire Lambs.

We will cut and pack lable with dates and blast freeze, and will ship frozen,

Each 1/2 Lamb is around 10kg and consists of the following cuts

1kg Rolled Shoulder

2 X 450g Diced Shoulder

2 x 450g Minced Lamb

4 Best end Lamb Chops packed in 2

4 Double Loin Chops packed in 2

750g Breast of Lamb

6 Leg Chops packed in 2

1 x 1.5kg Leg of Lamb

1 Neck of Lamb

1 Shank of Lamb

1 Lamb Kidney

300g Lambs Liver

4 Lamb Burgers

300g Black Garlic Lamb Strips



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