The finest smoked foods

Buy the very best smoked fish from one of the oldest smokehouses in Scotland

Macqueens ready meals and the very best Smoked Fish from one of the oldest & finest smokehouses in Scotland.Ritchies of Rothesay. It has been in continuous use since 1888 and its quality was royally recognized when its products graced the Balmoral breakfast table during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Ritchie’s products, including its famous smoked Atlantic salmon, is cured in a secret recipe perfected by the Ritchie Family, then smoked over oak shavings. No artificial colours or flavourings are needed. In keeping with tradition, the smoked salmon is sliced by hand emphasising its rich and varied texture.

We are delighted to have a selection of fine smoked product from this fine local firm.


Our selection of super easy cook BBQ meats for summer 2021

A great selection of easy cook meats BBQ ready. All prepared fresh and blast frozen shipped out on our APC every Wednesday overnight service, Pop in your freezer and wait on the big yellow thing in the sky.

All meats are local and where available are free range



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