Scottish hampers and packs

Buy quality Scottish hampers and packs online

Quality hampers and packs

For each hamper we use our exceptional butchery skills to prepare the finest locally sourced meats from our Island farms. Steaks and roasts are hung and dry aged for 21 days or more.

We use fresh herbs and spices along with fine oils for our delightful marinades and meat rubs. With a selection to choose from.

We are sure you will find one that suits you.So why not  pick one of our great value hampers?


Our selection of super easy cook BBQ meats for summer 2021

A great selection of easy cook meats BBQ ready. All prepared fresh and blast frozen shipped out on our APC every Wednesday overnight service, Pop in your freezer and wait on the big yellow thing in the sky.

All meats are local and where available are free range



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